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Breed: Pointer
Gender: Female
Size: Large
Age: Senior



Nasha was rescued after she had fallen down a well !

We do not know how long she’s been in there but at first glance she was thought to be dead…

Her frail immobile body made us think that there must have been something broken !

She was rushed to one of our partners hospital and underwent all the necessary tests, thankfully nothing was broken.

Poor Nasha was in shock, the bruises on her body spoke volume !

Nasha tried to move a couple of times but the pain was so intense that she gave up on moving at all…

We do not want to think about all the wounds that were found all over her body and how they got there !

Nasha was under a heavy dose of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, after just a couple of days she was starting to show progress, she stood up for the first time since her rescue and has finally started to eat. DOB: 4/4/2020

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