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Breed: Mixed
Gender: Female
Size: Medium to Large
Age: Puppy



Kimchi was rescued after we received word of her condition.
Sweet Kimchi’s story broke our hearts, her mom a beautiful German Shepherd has been tied up her entire life in an open space, making her vulnerable to street dogs who literally have their way with her any time she’s in heat.
With nowhere to hide all she did is endure it over and over again !
For years she’s been getting pregnant and giving birth to puppy litters and for years she has seen them perish in-front of her own eyes.
Her owner refuses to spay her, and refuses to care for any of her offsprings, we are working tirelessly on getting custody…
Sweet innocent Kimchi wandered off one day and found herself stuck under a car wheel as it rolled over her.
She pulled herself out but now without seriously injuring herself..
Thankfully someone reported her and thankfully she is now in our care… We don’t even want to think of the alternative !
With some broken fingers, some amputated and no pad to be found, Kimchi has been amputated.
She didn’t deserve this, she didn’t deserve to be treated this way and left to suffer by the person who should be held responsible ! She’s a very sweet puppy who wants to play and be loved. DOB: 18/12/2023

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