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Pompei is a very sweet, low energy, cuddly and friendly with people malinois. He's very good with other dogs. He has an old fracture in one front leg. DOB: 11/11/2016

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Snag was shot in the front legs , both broken. He’s good with people, with dogs , it depends , he has to be properly introduce. He can be territorial! DOB: 10/10/2018

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Nao was hit by a car on Jounieh highway, he had one broken back leg. He had surgery. He’s very people friendly, good with other dogs too. Like all malinois, he's very active and need an active family, familiar with

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Helsy was rescued after being found severely bleeding.She has been shot in the leg, she was rushed to the nearest animal hospital.Even though Xrays showed no pellets, it looks like she was shot with a real bullet that went through

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