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You Made it Happen

June 14 2016


You Made it Happen

Dear friends,

On June 4th, we urgently appealed to all animal lovers for help, fearing our 500 dogs and 150 cats would starve to death if the payment of US$ 40,000 was not made to our food provider. And we never expected this huge amount of support that’s not only heartwarming, but also beyond our wildest expectations.

10 days later today, our goal has been reached and food trucks made it to the shelters a few hours ago thanks to the support and generosity of animal lovers.

442 donors from Lebanon and every corner of the world, notably the USA, Canada, the UK and Switzerland responded to our call and donated to the animals what amounted to a total of US$ 52,478 of which a down payment of US$ 40,000 has been made to our food provider. The additional US$ 12,478 will be paid on the account of our medical bills. In addition, a big number of people have generously donated tens of kilos of dry food (around 200 KG) and tens of wet food cans.

Thanks to you, bait dog Juno is receiving the help he needs, the fees of Cajun's embedded collar operation were covered, our newly rescued pointer Trixie underwent an operation to remove 3 big tumors from her belly area, and Samar the cat will undergo an operation to remove her severely infected eye (detailed stories will be posted on our Facebook page).

The Problem:
We are sure that everyone is wondering, and the question begs itself: how to avoid such crisis from happening in the future?
As a non-profit organization, we do not have the right to open a business that generates money, we only rely on donations.

The Solution:
The only way is to receive regular monthly donations to cover our fixed expenses.
By contributing to our sponsorship program: you will enable us to ensure a regular monthly revenue.
Please sponsor; any amount counts!

We also rely on you to always spread the word about Adoptions as this is BETA’s ultimate goal: finding forever homes to our beloved rescue pets.

Another way that can help us continue our mission is attending our fundraising events that happen throughout the year, one of them is our 9th Annual Dog Show that will take place this Saturday, June 18th at Beirut Hippodrome, and another is our Annual Gala Dinner on September 17th this year.

Once again, on behalf of our 650 dogs and cats, we would like to thank every single person for contributing to the animals. You made it happen!

Thank you,

The BETA Team

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BETA is the first animal shelter in Lebanon to rescue dogs, cats, and wildlife who are in life-threatening danger. We provide rehabilitation and a safe haven while striving to find the loving, permanent homes these animals deserve. Through education and direct action, we work to prevent animal overpopulation and cruelty, and encourage a society that treats animals with compassion.