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June 04 2016


Breaking News

Dear friends,

Our shelter, the only official refuge in the country caring for hundreds of dogs and cats is facing one of its biggest challenges to date: In 10 days, our animals will starve!

This is the ugly truth; with 500 dogs and 150 cats to feed every month (which requires the amount of $10.000/month), the animals are faced with the risk of starvation if we do not pay our food provider who has been patient for too long!

This crisis is caused by 4 major factors:

- Scarce donations due to the political turmoil in the area and due to the fact that animals are still seen as a secondary issue that can be looked into once there's more stability in the country.
- People forgetting all about the animal they rescue once they feel he/she's safe, and the shelter becoming a dumping ground.
- The big number of animals (amounting to 650) who require medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccination, de-fleaing and food...
- The number of adoption requests decreasing with the rise of new groups who have very low adoption standards.

The situation is critical, and the same animals we have taken a vow to protect and care for might face a horrific fate if we do not come up with $40.000 within the next 10 days.

While this might seem like an impossible mission, it can be achieved in fact if we come together as a community of animal lovers. If each one of us spares a few dollars, our goal can be achieved.

The animals' fate depends on your generosity!

Please DONATE to our fund! Each dollar counts in such a critical situation!

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BETA is the first animal shelter in Lebanon to rescue dogs, cats, and wildlife who are in life-threatening danger. We provide rehabilitation and a safe haven while striving to find the loving, permanent homes these animals deserve. Through education and direct action, we work to prevent animal overpopulation and cruelty, and encourage a society that treats animals with compassion.